What’s Doyle Ranch?

If you’ve been by the future site of the second Ronald McDonald House on O’Bannon and Edmond, you are sure to have seen the large boulder with the words “Doyle Ranch” engraved on it. Who is Doyle? And why should this matter to you?

It all starts with an important person in our organization’s history, and that is John Paul Kernahan. John Paul is the incredibly generous donor of land on which the new Ronald McDonald House is being built. And before his humble call to us at the end of 2020, with the donation of land, he was a supporter of our current House, when it was first built 25 years ago.

As some of you know, while the Ronald McDonald House is off of Sahara Avenue, a major and often busy roadway in the Las Vegas valley, it is tucked away in a cul-de-sac with residential homes. With the second House, we have even more residential neighbors, and we’re glad they’ve been supportive of our efforts. Again, this is in large part due to John Paul, who wrote a lovely letter on why this House was so important.

Read John Paul’s letter to the community.

John Paul is clear – his donation of land is in memory of a loved one, Michael Linsk, whom he had built his home with right next door to the new site. You can’t miss it — it’s pink!

And this is not unlike John.

Doyle Ranch was named after a dear friend, who lived out in California. When Doyle passed, John Paul and Michael wanted to honor his memory. Hence, the large boulder was constructed on the corner of O’Bannon and Edmond, which bears his name.

RMHC plans to salvage the boulder and keep on the property with a new dedication, recognizing this gift from John Paul in memory of Michael.

Many of you are doing the same thing in your giving to this second Ronald McDonald House. Whether in honor of a family member or a dearly departed loved one, or to leave a lasting legacy for your family or company, this strong and loving foundation will truly make this House, The House That Love Built.


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