What would you put in our time capsule?

At our public announcement in December, we invited our closest supporters to provide a small memento to be included in a time capsule dedicated to the new Ronald McDonald House. Supporters brought company-branded pens and hats, a penned letter to a future family, and photos of their loved ones. It is another way for their legacy to live on at the House That Love Built.

Julie Samuelson, longtime RMHC supporter and current RMHC Board Member, had this to say about the framed butterfly she included in the time capsule:

Hope…a feeling families hold on to when their child is in need of medical care. As a “home-away-from-home”, The Ronald McDonald House of Greater Las Vegas becomes a part of each family’s journey and strengthens that feeling. Butterflies are a symbol of Hope, and when the House doors first opened in 1998, we released hundreds of butterflies into the air as a way to show our Hope that this House That Love Built will give the families and children a place for them to “Believe They Can Fly”.

Tyler Naumes, who serves on the design team from NOVUS Architecture + Interiors, shared:

“My time capsule item was a collection of concept design sketches of the living unit exteriors for the new House. These were taken straight out of my sketch book and were drawn in the early days of the House’s concept design phase when the look of the exterior was still just a bunch of ideas floating around. Being brand new to the architecture profession, I am overjoyed by the thought of some of my first concept sketches being buried with the first project of my career. Nothing would make me happier than to leave a piece of myself with the new House.”

We will plan to have the capsule open until the official groundbreaking ceremony later this year! To learn how your item can be included, please contact Jacqueline Cruz at jacqueline@rmhlv.org.

What would you put in our time capsule?

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