Stronger Together – A Family Story

Our longtime supporters may remember Cheyenne and her son, Forrest, who recently came back for another stay at the Ronald McDonald House for a heart appointment. He is doing great!

Three years ago, the family stayed with us after Forrest was flown to Sunrise Children’s Hospital from Arizona for heart surgery at just 17 days old. He was born with congenital heart disease, and Cheyenne remembers the day they arrived in Las Vegas, “I was prepared to sleep in my truck because I didn’t have money to stay anywhere.” She ended up sleeping in a chair next to Forrest while the other children she cared for stayed back in Arizona.

After two “long, tiring, and heartbreaking nights,” a social worker referred Cheyenne to the Ronald McDonald House. There, her entire family of five stayed with her and were able to support each other during an unimaginable time. Cheyenne and her family are members of the Hualapai Nation and shared that being together was amazing, “As a Hualapai people, we are close in family, and from the very first night [at the Ronald McDonald House], it was just like being home again.”

Baby Forrest underwent heart surgery, and after 63 nights, he was able to go home, together, with his family.

Cheyenne and her family are one of the reasons we are building a second Ronald McDonald House. With more family members and an extended stay, they would have benefitted from the additional amenities and services that’ll be offered at the new House.

Forrest’s medical journey is far from over, and we are looking forward to offering an even more comfortable space for his entire family at an upcoming visit late next year.



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