The Journey of a Young Warrior

Concern overcame Heather when her 7-year-old son, Zachery, started experiencing severe headaches and chest pains. After months of visiting various doctors with no answers, Heather and her family became frustrated and angry. Zachery was bruising, still experiencing headaches and chest pains, and could barley stand up without holding onto his knees, yet Heather was told it was just influenza or an injury from playing at school.

On Christmas morning of 2022, Zachery felt weak. He could not get up to use the restroom, his skin was yellow, and he had bruises that were not there the night before. After continuously pleading for x-rays and bloodwork, Zachery's family got the news that no parent wants to hear. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). They immediately life-flighted him from their hometown of Bullhead, Arizona to Las Vegas for treatment.

"We live two hours away from Las Vegas, so the Ronald McDonald House became our second home," Heather described.

Zachery spend 18 days in the hospital. Once he was discharged, they arrived at the Ronald McDonald House, a supportive place of respite and care, while Zachery received treatment 4 days a week at the clinic.

Over the course of 10 months, Zachery fought for his life during his chemo treatments, an E. coli bacterial infection, a water based bacteria called pseudomonas, 63 blood or platelet transfusions, 23 lumbar punctures, and pancreatitis that presented itself 6 times due to Pegs chemo.

Through these obstacles that Zachery and his family faced, the Ronald McDonald House remained a House of Hope; a place they could rely on for love and care from the staff, warm, home-cooked meals, a place to lay their heads at night, and so much more so Zachery could continue being his bright and positive self without ever having to feel unsupported while him and his family continue to overcome the most challenging time of their lives.

"We will always be thankful for the Ronald McDonald House. They welcomed us with open arms. The love and kindness we received is unmatched."