First-Generation College Student

First-Generation College Student
A Scholarship Story

Erica is a 2017-2018 Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Las Vegas Scholarship Recipient. She is also a first-generation college student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Growing up, Erica had to figure out a lot of her homework on her own. Her parents were unable to help her because they only received a first-grade grade education. They immigrated to the United States from El Salvador during the Salvadorian War to provide their family with a better life.

"Being Hispanic and a first-generation college student has led me to want to be an educator. I want other students to understand that there are people out there that support them and know what they're going through." shared Erica.


Pictured above, Erica and Eva Martin, local McDonald's Owner/Operator, at the 2017-2018 Scholarship Ceremony.

Erica was inspired by one of her high school English teachers to become an educator. She wants to be able to support young students, who are going through the same struggles she experienced.

As an RMHC Scholarship Ambassador, she is able to lead by example to younger students. Scholarship Ambassadors visit high schools to talk to seniors about RMHC's scholarship opportunities and the application process. She really enjoys meeting the students and letting them know how easy the process is!


As a sophomore at UNLV, her advice to future college students is, "Keep up with the work, but take time to take care of yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself; we're still growing and learning. So take that into consideration and go with the flow!"

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