8 Years of Lunches

8 Years of Lunches
A Lunch Is On Us! Story

Zoe is an 8-year-old girl, who loves art. This talented and smart young lady has also lived her entire life with juvenile arthritis. Since it was not immediately treated, Zoe currently receives chemotherapy treatment at University Medical Center (UMC).

Zoe’s mother, Irene, has received lunches from Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Las Vegas Lunch Is On Us! Program for 8 years to stay by her daughter’s side during treatment.

“As a single mother, life is not that easy. Free lunch means relief to me, especially after hours and being alone at the hospital.”

After years of seeing the brightly decorated lunch bags, Irene remembers ones with a bright sun and an uplifting message that brought a smile to Zoe’s face. Zoe enjoys knowing that many kids decorate the lunch bags that her mother receives.

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One time, Irene’s oldest daughter called her while she was at the hospital to offer to bring her a meal to eat. Irene replied to her daughter, “Don’t worry amor (love), lunch is on Ronald!” Irene is able to count on the Lunch Is On Us! Program for a healthy meal every single time Zoe is undergoing chemo at the hospital. Despite her diagnosis and issues with her hands, Zoe has no limits to her imagination and creates beautiful drawings to this day.

"As adults, we don’t express our feelings often. One time, I told a nurse to please thank [RMHC®] because I didn’t have money on me and you had the time to handle a delicious sandwich with chips, juice, granola, and an orange. It has to be a lot of work for only one bag. We got all that lovely work! Thank you all!"

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