Family Stories

  • Gonzalez Family 1

    A Family's Fresh Start

    When the Gonzalez family came through the doors of the Ronald McDonald House, they were going through an unbelievably painful time in their lives...

  • DSC09365 copy

    Stronger Together

    A Family Story
    Cheyenne and her family are members of the Hualapai Nation Tribe. Her son, Forrest, was born with ...

  • DSC_0013

    Back to School with Confident Smiles

    A Care Mobile Story
    Lincoln and Charlie-May’s mom discovered Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Las Vegas’s 5th Annual Smarts & Smiles ...

  • Erica3

    First-Generation College Student

    A Scholarship Story
    Erica is a 2017-2018 Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Las Vegas Scholarship Recipient. She is also ...

  • 20190526_193359 copy

    A Healthy Heartbeat

    A Family Story
    Young Benjamin had not once experienced a regular heartbeat in his life, but at t hree-years-old, his parents received news ...

  • Zoe Plandiura copy

    8 Years of Lunches

    A Lunch Is On Us! Story
    Zoe is an 8-year-old girl, who loves art. This talented and smart young lady has also lived her entire life with ...

  • Sivan baby hand

    Defying the Odds

    A Family Room Story
    Katherine was only a few months pregnant when doctors told her and her husband, Doron,  ...

  • Mariana and Nora

    Music to Her Ears

    A Family Story
    Nora always dreamed of passing on her passion for music to her children. But that dream ...

  • A Baby of Their Own!

    A Baby of Their Own!

    A Family Story
    Against the odds – an Australian couple overcomes distance, time, and two battles against cancer to make their dream of having  ...

  • Care Mobile

    One Grateful Family’s Story

    A Care Mobile Story
    The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile was recently visited by the family of a young boy who lived on a rural Nevada farm.  ...

  • Remembering Carmen

    Remembering Carmen

    A Family Story
    The Ronald McDonald House provides precious moments together for a family with too little time left. Ten-year-old Carmen  ...

  • Two Super Heroes

    Two Super Heroes

    A Family Story
    At 30 weeks into their pregnancy, Sara and Todd were so excited to get a 3D glimpse of their second child, a boy! And they ...

  • Emlyne's Story

    Emlyne's Story

    A Family Story
    Seven years, that is half the life of Ronald McDonald House Charities of GreaterLas Vegas. For long-time staff at the House, seven ...

  • Ready Set Adoption

    Ready Set Adoption

    A Family Story
    Seven years, that is half the life of Ronald McDonald House Charities of GreaterLas Vegas. For long time staff at the House, seven years can ...

  • Treasured Smiles

    Treasured Smiles

    A Lunch Is On Us! Story
    The late Fred Rogers once said, "Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me." I couldn't agree more. When my daughter ...

  • A Mother's Instinct

    A Mother's Instinct

    A Family Story
    "I knew I needed to get a lot of rest and stay off of my feet as much as possible," said Shylo, "But I developed a blood clot and pneumonia ...

  • Baby Steven

    Baby Steven's Story

    A Family Story
    The Roland Family stayed at Ronald McDonald House for a little more than a month in March and April of 2012. When Roland ...

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